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Turning Interest Into Action

Collegiate Board Network (CBN) is a wraparound program that assists students with various needs as they transition from high school to college, trade school, or technical school. When teens and young adults have complex needs that affect their well-being at school and in life as a whole, our program gives them and their families a way to deal with them that is holistic and led by them. We place our adolescents and their family unit at the center. The family is presented with a needs assessment and with the help of a team of professionals as well as the young persons natural support system, creates an individual action plan that captures their ideas and opinions on what they need and what will be beneficial to all of our wraparound work.

Services include preparing for college, tutoring, career readiness, counseling for mental health, life coaching, case manager check-ins, monthly one-on-one meetings with CBN staff, and more. The skills that the students gain go beyond college and careers; they are able to see the importance of a strong belief system and faith in themselves. When our students graduate from high school, we do not abandon them. Additionally, we endeavor to support them during their college years. Students can participate in the program for up to eight years. Every school year, a new group of students joins CBN. Each cohort gets together once a month throughout high school for structured discussions designed to improve their chances of academic and personal success. Each member of the CBN will serve as a mentor to a new high school class two years after graduating from high school, and some will be asked to serve as group leaders.

CBN membership can be attained in one of two ways. One way is referral-based, where students are referred and come to our center for services. The other way is through partnerships with schools and/or school systems. We strive to provide the same high standard of service to everyone who uses our platform, regardless of how they came to be a part of our community.



Working Towards a Brighter Future

At Collegiate Board Network, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards. Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps our members reach their goals and fulfill their potential. Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us in bringing about positive change.

Services Offered:

High School Division:

○ College Fairs/Tours

○ Tutors

○ College Application Assistance

○ FASFA Assistance

○ Scholarship Assistance

○ Job Readiness

○ Monthly Outings 

○ SAT & ACT Classes

○ Individual and Group Counseling

○ Weekend Respite Care 

College Division:

○ Scholarship Assistance

○ School and Dorm Supplies

○ Tutors

○ Job Readiness

○ Individual and Group Counseling

○ Monthly One-On-One Sessions 

○ Use of Education Center

Meet the Team

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Collegiate Board Network. Their ideas help to shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about our amazing team members that drive our mission.


Committed to the Cause

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Collegiate Board Network. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.


Founder/Executive Director

Aleta Taylor-Owens, the Executive Director of Collegiate Board Network, embodies a profound commitment to service and unwavering faith. She pursued her higher education at Clark Atlanta University, earning a B.A. in Public Relations, where the mottos "find a way or make a way" and "culture for service" have always deeply resonated with her. Hailing from Silver Spring, MD, Aleta is not only a mother and a devoted minister of the gospel but also a former special education teacher with over 12 years of invaluable experience in this field.

The journey that led to the establishment of Collegiate Board Network is marked by Aleta's strong faith and a moment of spiritual revelation. In her prayer closet, she fervently prayed about her concerns for her students, who were on the brink of graduation while going through significant challenges in their lives. It was during this moment of reflection that she received her answer.

Aleta's primary concern was for the well-being of her students once they left the nurturing environment of their school community. Among the heart-wrenching stories that moved her were those of a student who tragically lost their mother just weeks before graduation and another student who endured the hardships of living with a bipolar mother, resulting in the destruction of her clothing. The latter student's only hope was to graduate and secure her own place away from her mother's influence.

Observing numerous other students with similarly challenging backgrounds and lacking support at home, Aleta couldn't help but wonder about their futures once they stepped out into the world without the continued support they so desperately needed.

It was from this deep well of compassion and a divine calling that Collegiate Board Network was born. Aleta Taylor-Owens, while serving as the Executive Director, humbly acknowledges God as the true founder of this transformative initiative. Under her leadership, Collegiate Board Network has become a shining beacon of hope, offering guidance, support, and a brighter future for countless students, just as Aleta had envisioned in her prayers. Her journey is a testament to the power of faith, love, and unwavering dedication to the service of others.

Dr. Alysia Childs

 Principal Consultant 

Higher Education Research and Data Analytics (HERDA)

Dr. Alysia Childs is deeply committed to educational equity and empowering students as they navigate critical transitions from high school to higher education or vocational training. With a Bachelor's degree in Spanish from Spelman College, Dr. Childs has always emphasized socio-economic development and social activism in her academic pursuits.

Her journey has taken her across the globe, studying at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic, the Universidad de Salvador and Torcuato di Tella University in Argentina. Her studies at each institution enriched her understanding of diverse cultures and educational systems. Following her undergraduate studies, Dr. Childs taught high school Spanish in Georgia before pursuing further education.

Dr. Childs' dedication to education extends beyond the classroom. Between 2001 and 2004, she served as a Presenter for the DeKalb County Public School System's workshops, assisting foreign language instructors as they prepared for the PRAXIS exam for teaching certification. Additionally, she managed recruitment for the Spanish interpretation volunteer service at PTA conferences and designed International Education Week initiatives at Stephenson High School.

At Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Dr. Childs earned a Master's degree in International Development, laying the foundation for her impactful work ahead. She continued her academic journey at The University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Anthropology, where she embarked on a mission to advocate for marginalized communities.

One of her significant contributions was as a member of an interdisciplinary delegation in Colombia, investigating governmental protection measures for Afro-Colombians' rights. The resulting report, "Unfulfilled Promises and Persistent Obstacles to the Realization of the Rights of Afro-Colombians," submitted to the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights and the U.S. Congress, underscored her dedication to social justice.

In 2015, Dr. Childs joined the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies at Fayetteville State University as an Anthropology Professor, where she continues to inspire and mentor students. Her achievements include election to the FSU Faculty Senate and receiving the University-wide Excellence in Online Pedagogical Practice award in 2017.

Outside of academia, Dr. Childs served on the Board of Directors for the Hillcrest Children and Family Center, embodying her commitment to community engagement. She also contributes her expertise as an Adjunct Professor at FSU, a Faculty Evaluator for the American Council on Education (ACE), and a Grant Reviewer for Humanities DC.

Most recently, Dr. Childs was a Founding Faculty member at Bard High School Early College and she has served as an English-Language Learners (ELL) tutor with secondary students in the DC Public School System. In both educational communities, she continued to align her belief in the effective implementation of experiential learning opportunities for secondary students, facilitating meaningful post-secondary mentorship, and connecting students to community resources as a means of building equitable opportunities for all learners. 

As an esteemed member of the Collegiate Board Network, Dr. Childs brings her wealth of experience and passion for education to support students in realizing their full potential, embodying the organization's ethos of turning interest into action.

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